Miniature chic flea market, Doll House, French style, Handmade at scale 1/12, by Léa


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I am delighted to inform you that international shipping is again possible, since May 15.

However, delivery times could be considerably extended, given the sanitary measures still in force in France (as in other countries) which can lead to delayed deliveries.

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About Léa

I am a miniaturist-designer, passionate about art and decoration. Inspired by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, flea markets and objects transmitted by my grandmothers ... I reproduce traditional French houses, miniature atmospheres and accessories, scale 1/12.

I wrote and published, in October 2008, a book entirely dedicated to the realization of a typically French house:
Le Grand Livre de la Maison Miniature (Éd. Fleurus).
It is available in English, since September 2014:
The Big Book of a Miniature House (GMC Publications).


I invite you into my atmospheres of miniature homes and interiors weathered by time and takes you from dream to reality ... and vice versa!

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