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Wooden cloakroom, 1/12 scale, decorated with Shabby accessories

- This piece of furniture is made of wood.

- It is painted in pale gray aged, with places deliberately very damaged to get the Shabby style.

- It has a functional drawer.

- I made all the accessories that make up this creation by hand.

*** Only metal hanger and bucket, crate and jar are transformed objects.


*** Some accessories are glued, others are not. Look at the pictures to see more details. A big thank you!

!!! ♥♥♥ This is a UNIQUE PIECE ♥♥♥ !!!


♥♥♥ You can also see my creations on my blog / site, since 2004 :

Cloakroom Shabby pale gray aged, Wooden furniture, Dollhouse, 1/12

299,90 €Price
  • 10.5 cm (width) 4.13'' x 4.5 cm (depth) 1.77'' x 16.5 cm (height) 6.49''

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